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CT Wedding Preview @ The Riverview : Olimpia and Nicholas

March 31, 2012     WEDDINGS

Yesterday evening was Olimpia and Nicholas' wedding at The Riverview. Here are a few previews from the day, enjoy!

I had to include this image above from the ceremony. A few minutes before go time, I asked Pastor Jeff to try to keep the Olimpia and Nicholas center with the window/aisle; he found the grout line in the tile was center as well. Pastor Jeff stated he never would have thought of this, and I explained that it makes for better photos. Mission accomplished!! Thank you so much Pastor Jeff, I truly appreciate your efforts to make this image.

Fabulous hair by the very talented Mark Buskey at Moda Rey Salon.

Congrats again to Olimpia and Nicholas!

Olimpia and Nicholas's Wedding Day

March 30, 2012     WEDDINGS

I am super excited that today is Olimipa and Nicholas's wedding day at The Riverview. It is my first 2012 wedding and I can't wait to get going.
Olimpia and Nicholas opted to do their engagement session after their wedding; I thought I would re-share some of my 2011 pics of The Riverview.

The first few images are from

The next set of images is from Alicia and Desi's wedding. Alicia and Desi got married inside of The Riverview (which Olimpia and Nicholas are doing as well). I love how Alicia and Desi are centered in front of the gorgeous arched windows and how the light is coming through the opposite wall, passing through the crystal chandeliers.

I specifically remember taking this image below, we had just done a few night portraits outside and on our way back inside I noticed a spotlight in the PERFECT spot for a picture of Alicia and Desi. I love how you can see the guests looking at them--so sweet!

And the next few images are a couple night portraits from Stephanie and Dane's wedding, then Kristen and Joe's wedding.

The remaining images are from Christina and Mike's wedding. I love their color scheme for a late September wedding.

Lord Thompson Manor : Tasting II

March 21, 2012     WEDDINGS

Lucky me. I got to spend two Sunday afternoons (in a row) at the most romantic destination wedding location in Connecticut, the fabulous Lord Thompson Manor. The manor was having tastings for their 2012 couples, and I brought my camera to capture the exceptional decor.
To view real weddings at the manor, click the following links: Shelby and Jeff, Arianna and Nicholas, Laura and Chris, Caren and Adam
Photographed below are all of Jackie's stunning tablescapes. Enjoy!

To see more of Arianna and Nicholas's Real Wedding at the Lord Thompson Manor (pictured below), click here.

To see more of Shelby and Jeff's Real Wedding at the Lord Thompson Manor (pictured below), click here.

To see more of Laura and Chris's Real Wedding at the Lord Thompson Manor (pictured below), click here.

To see more of Caren and Adam's Real Wedding at the Lord Thompson Manor, click here.

Lord Thompson Manor

March 5, 2012     WEDDINGS

Yesterday I was invited to the gorgeous Lord Thompson Manor tasting (to show my work). As always, I was beyond impressed with the beauty, thought, and attention to detail that was put into the day. Everywhere you look is perfection and I am constantly taking mental notes.
I brought my camera along to snap a quick couple of photos of Jackie's outstanding set up for the guests to enjoy. Here are a few of the jaw dropping details.

Here are links several weddings at the manor (click on the names): Shelby and Jeff, Arianna and Nicholas, Laura and Chris, Caren and Adam

Vacation Preview : Grand Turk

March 1, 2012     PERSONAL


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