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Mary and Dennis Dinneen : 45th Wedding Anniversary

June 24, 2012

Today, June 24, 2012, is my parents 45th wedding anniversary. Five years ago I made a small slideshow on my old blog ; today I had to make a new slideshow (that people can see) and add a few pictures.
Alissa and John's Wedding Photos by Alternate Angles, including the beautiful portrait of my parents at the very end of the show. Note: Some of Alissa and John's wedding photos are not professional -- just snap shots by family.
If the slideshow is too big for your computer screen, please click on this link to open a smaller show.

My Gardening Adventures

June 20, 2012

This past spring I really tried to work on the yard and I'm really enjoying watching things grow. I am a beginner when it comes to yard work and gardening, however I do enjoy the time spent outside. Below are a few things that are in the yard and what would be a personal blog post without Roxy dog included?!

Above is petal of a lace cap hydrangea. I think this plant (and another) are turning blue on me--haven't made up my mind if changing colors is the way to go yet. I wanted pink to add warmth to a shaded garden. Below is a plant that was here when we bought the house, it's an astilbe and I do love it. I was thinking of adding more since it's a shade plant, colorful, and adds texture.

The flower below is a hydrangea from that I bought and planted this year. The specific name is hydrangea macrophylla wedding gown (I like the sounds of that!).

Below left is more astilbe in bloom, just love it! On the right is a Boston Fern.

This little purple guy is lavender that I planted this year. I'm not sure it's going to last since no where in our yard is full sun (this spot maybe gets 6 hours). I wanted to see if it would grow there before I plant more.

After going to Hawaii (Big Island, Kauai, Maui ) for our honeymoon, I feel like this house needs a hibiscus plant and this year my favorite color is orange. I'm hoping this Price Chopper plant will stay with us for a while!

This is one of the bigger projects I tackled this spring. In our backyard we have a white fence along the border where I dug out four feet by forty feet of grass to add what I hope to be a wall of hydrangeas someday (inspiration from an engagement session in New Haven, click here). Once I paint the fence I'll share more landscape images, all of the images shared in this post were taken with my macro lens.

Roxy watched me take all these photos. Below is her I "wanna go" face, yes that is her excited.


Warm Weather Destinations

May 15, 2012

Tonight the rain really has me dreaming of warm weather and blue skies, which lead me to posting some photos from my vacation with my husband in February. Enjoy!

Above and below images are all from Key West, Florida.

Above left image from South Beach, Miami, Florida. Above right, Key West, Florida.

Above and below is on Key West, Florida.

Above left St. Maarten/St Martin. Right : Key West

Above left Key West, right South Beach

Featured previously, Grand Turk.

Spring 2012

April 14, 2012

I can not take any credit for the actual plantings of the spring blossoms below; they came with the house. I do enjoy these spring blooms, and hope to add more soon!

Above and below are bleeding hearts. I love how nature can be just so perfect, the leaf below was hidden gem (so pretty).

We have several Rhododendrons in the yard, pictured below.

The plant below is one of my favorites, it reminds me of an orchid (which clearly we can't grow outside here in NE). I believe it to be a Helleborus foetidus.


Happy Easter

April 8, 2012

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